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Waterproofing Design

The 2009 edition of BS 8102, Code of Practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground, recommends that where below ground structures are being designed, the design team should include a Waterproofing Design Specialist.

Assistance in the design of waterproofing systems can be provided in one of several ways, depending on the clients and the design team's requirements.

As Part of the Design Team

Probably the most common form of involvement is as a member of the design team, and this usually takes the following format:

  • Meet with architect, engineer, client, and any other relevant members of the design team, to discuss client’s requirements, structural preferences, soil conditions, etc.
  • Discuss waterproofing options, and agree a waterproofing principle which the architect and engineer then incorporate into their drawings and specifications.
  • Review the designs once completed, and make suggestions for changes and/or improvements, where appropriate.

A meeting with all parties is not always necessary if the relevant design details are available. These would include a site survey, architect's concept drawings and the structural engineer's first thoughts.

We can then put forward the options and a risk assessment of them to enable the design team to adopt the most appropriate design, and we then proceed as part of the design team as discussed above. This approach is becoming popular because of the cost savings.

Review of an Existing Design

It is not uncommon for a client to want a second opinion on an existing waterproofing design (but before construction starts) as there is the potential to save significant amounts of money, and reduce risk at the same time.

In those circumstances the design and specification can be forwarded to us, and we will provide a brief report on the design limitations and risks, and put forward alternative waterproofing options where appropriate.


Although it is not usually economically viable to undertake supervision of the entire waterproofing installation, there are certain key stages of an installation where a site inspection would be most appropriate, and we would be happy to discuss and agree these visits with the client.


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