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Born in South Africa in 1947, Phil Hewitt was educated in the UK at Highgate School in North London.

Returning to South Africa in 1966, he qualified as a Civil Engineer. He has been involved in contracting in both the Civil Engineering and Building industries, and ran his own construction company in South Africa for several years.

He also lectured in Civil Engineering, specialising in Theory of Structures, Structural Design and Hydraulics.

Since returning to the UK in 1986, Phil has specialised in structural waterproofing and damp-proofing, and is today considered to be one of the leading technical figures in the industry.

He is a past chairman of the British Structural Waterproofing Association, and is also very active in the Property Care Association (formerly BWPDA) where he chaired a sub-committee responsible for producing a Code of Practice for Waterproofing. He has been chairman of the BWPDA Remedial Treatment Technical Committee, the Structural Waterproofing Group, and the Associates (Consultants) Committee. He is currently a member of the Property Care Association's Council and sits on the Executive Board.

Phil was Technical Manager at Vandex for eight years, and has an exceptional knowledge of cementitious systems. However, the work he has done in the past means he also has an excellent working knowledge of all waterproofing systems.In particular, Phil has developed an in-depth knowledge of drainage systems, and has assisted various manufacturers in their research and development of new products.

Phil was involved in various projects around the UK, including Sewage and Water Treatment Plants, Reservoirs, North Sea oil rigs, and the Channel Tunnel.

Phil Hewitt Associates was formed in January 1997, to take advantage of Phil's own specialist knowledge, as well as the knowledge of various others of his associates who will be working with him from time to time.

Phil was the Expert Witness representing Outwing Construction in the case Outwing -v- Thomas Weatherald.

Phil was a Committee Member which revised BS 8102, Code of Practice for the Protection of Below Ground Structures against Water from the Ground.



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